State of-art Booking platform

Your guests can find us easily online via direct search on any desktop or mobile device.

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Intuitive booking process

It takes just a few clicks to complete a booking on Your guests can find us easily online via direct search on any desktop or mobile device. Have you agreed on a special price beforehand? No problems – send them a quick link and a one-off discount code without the hassle or high costs of international bank transfers or payments in person.

Fast and secure payments

Our streamlined checkout experience means increased conversions and more bookings delivered. We are partnering with Stripe – world leading payments infrastructure provider. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 – the highest available in the payments industry.

Transparent host payouts

Click and Rent guarantees clear and transparent information on every booking transaction. You can track your room revenue and guest refunds in your own host portal. The ‘at a glance’ information on our host portal is supplemented with monthly itemised income statements for our clients’ records. With Click and Rent every host receives direct payouts from our UK bank to their chosen account.

Excellent rate compared to the mainstream OTAs

We secure bookings at a fraction of the cost paid with, Expedia and Airbnb. We take both credit and debit card payments in an easy, convenient and cost-effective way.

Based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We chose the city of Edinburgh as our headquarters. The capital of Scotland is an international hub for business, tourism, innovation and technology research.